Inspired by moving landscapes, the sea, hence the colours and the shapes highlighting how balance can be toppled by imbalance.

The Tilt product range by Anne Black is handmade in Copenhagen from high quality porcelain materials. The red line which is featured on many of the products is a silkscreen print applied by hand. Tilt stands out in its delicate handmade expression. They are made with non-toxic glazes suitable for any foods and beverages and are dishwasher safe. Each piece is individual and true to contemporary Scandinavian design.

In 2001 Anne Black launched her first line of porcelain from her base in a collective workshop in the center of Copenhagen. Thanks to her quickly acclaimed balanced and refined style, in no time she became one of the most famous ceramic designers in Europe, without a doubt one of those that most influenced design trends. In Anne's work, you can glimpse the great tradition of Scandinavian design, tinged with cleanliness and a taste for rigorous shape and revisited with polite irony.