Castey carries on a craftsman’s legacy that stretches back over four centuries. Today, their continuous efforts in research and development have made it possible to offer you the most advanced solutions for technically perfect cooking.

Castey's pieces are made of cast aluminium of the highest quality which provides a structure which keeps its shape and guarantees exceptional solidity and durability. The varying thickness of the metal ensures perfect heat distribution and uniform cooking even at medium and low temperatures.

Our stainless steel cookware also boasts greater energy efficiency thanks to our Trimetal Induction® technology which, due to its increased thickness, provides greater resistance and an increased lifespan.

You will be able to cook foods in their own juices, preserving their flavours and nutritional value as well as saving energy.

Furthermore, the cast aluminium pieces are finished with Durion© Non-Stick Coating: nothing sticks to it, it increases the piece’s durability and scratch-resistance and makes cleaning easier.